Months in Mandarin

0419-month in mandarin


yuè / 月month

nián / 年year

There are shíèr gè yuè / 十二個月 (12 months) in yī nián /一年 (a year) in Mandarin, just as in English.

The names of the months are very easy to remember. First you need to say the month’s number so January is the first month so you first say yī / 一, February is the second month so you first say èr / 二 (two). Then you just say the word for ‘month’ in Mandarin, yuè / 月.

So October, the tenth month, is ‘10 month’ in Mandarin or shí / 十 (ten) yuè / 月(month): shí yuè / 十月!


yī yuè / 一月January

èr yuè / 二月February

sān yuè / 三月March

sì yuè / 四月April

wǔ yuè / 五月May

liù yuè / 六月June

qī yuè / 七月July

bā yuè / 八月August

jiǔ yuè / 九月September

shí yuè / 十月October

shíyī yuè / 十一月November

shíèr yuè / 十二月December

If you add gè / 個 between the ‘number’ and ‘month’, you can say how many months you’re talking about.

So yī gè yuè / 一個月 is ‘one month’ and sān gè yuè / 三个月 means ‘three months’.

How would you say twelve months?

gè / 個measure word for counting months

yī gè yuè / 一個月one month

shíèr gè yuè / 十二個月twelve months

To say something happens in a month, you simply put the word for month (yuè / 月) after the subject or at the beginning of the sentence.

wǒ shíyuè guò shēngrì. / 我十月過生日My birthday is in October.

wǒ qī yuè qù dù jiǎ. / 我七月去度假I go on holiday in July.



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