Not alone anymore! Taiwan’s little green man gets a girlfriend

On Valentine’s Day eve, Southern Taiwan’s little green man gets a girlfriend, making him not single while crossing the road anymore.

The Pingtung County Police Bureau designed two new pedestrian crossing signals to make the traffic lights more attractive. According to the plan, the red man proposes by kneeling down at a red light while the green man holds his girlfriend’s hand and crosses the road.

The official opening of the new traffic light pedestrian signs was held earlier this morning. The Pingtung County Government arranged a couple who would register for marriage tomorrow to witness the little green man get his girlfriend.

The designer of the pedestrian signs, Cheng Da-wei (程大維), mentioned in the interview at the opening ceremony that the change in the signs can make crossing the road an exciting thing to do as the little green man has been there for 18 years. The red man proposing signifies the new phase for couples while the green man represents men and women going hand in hand and having mutual support between each other. The opening ceremony for the new pedestrian signs was held at the junction between Gongyuan Road and Zhong Zheng Road in Pingtung County.

The couple traffic light signs will first be installed at more than 40 junctions in Pingtung City then extended to the whole county. Pingtung county’s mayor Pan Men-an(潘孟安) said “In 2018, the green man on the traffic has finally changed. And the change also emphasizes Pingtung as a county filled with love.”

Article By Taiwan News

Word Bank
Traffic light 紅綠燈 hóng lǜ dēng
pedestrian signs  人行道號誌燈  
rén xíng dào hào zhì dēng
the green man 小綠人 xiǎo lǜ rén
girlfriend 女友 nǚ yǒu
new phase 新里程 xīn lǐ chéng

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